Are You Looking For Suitable Lumber For Your Deck?

If you ever worked in any project with woodworking activities then you must know how important it is to choose right kind of lumber. Therefore for selecting suitable lumber for your deck too you need to be very choosy about its selection.

Following are few tips for choosing the right deck lumber material.

Types of lumber

There are usually following two categories of lumbers used for any deck construction:

  • Pressure treated lumber

This is one of the low cost lumber varieties and you need to choose them carefully so that there are no loose knots and should be straight

  • Naturally resistant

These types of lumbers are usually free from rot and insects. It is available in different colors and shapes. They are more durable and little difficult to work and also bit expensive

Grade and moisture content

Lumbers are available in many different grades however for deck purpose you may choose no 2 grade that are free of knots however little expensive.

Lumber sizes

Lumbers are available of different sizes of cross sections that you can choose from. However you must remember the actual size will be around ½” less than the indicated sizes of its cross section. While choosing the lumber it is necessary to consider all the three dimensions of the lumber.

Buy the right quantity of lumber

You must first of all measure the total area of the deck. Then choose the right sizes of the lumber. Now divide the area of the deck by the area covered by each lumber will give you the right number. However you must buy 10 to 15 per cent extra as you can always expect certain wastage during fabrication.

Prefer to choose dry lumber

Wet wood not only be heavier but also create more gap between the lumber when they are dried out. With heavy wet wood it will also be difficult to work with them.

Nothing wrong with little curves

If the lumbers have little curves at the end then you need not reject them. While building the deck the carpenter will ensure that their edges are properly made.

Don’t look for perfect shape of lumber

Never mind if the lumbers are not in perfect shape. Eve wrapped boards can also be straightened.  You will only waste your time.

Choosing right kind of lumber will certainly give better look to your deck therefore above tips can be very useful while buying the lumbers.