Five Interior Design Mistakes you should Avoid

The excitement that comes with designing and decorating a home doesn’t fade even if it is already your second or third home. However, you should not let the excitement overpower you as it can leave you making wrong decisions and costly mistakes. When trying to spruce up your home’s interiors, any professional residential interior designer will want you to avoid the following mistakes:

Choosing Paint Before Furniture

Your choice of wall color should come second to your choice of furniture and fabrics. The job of choosing a paint will be much easier if you have the pieces to match it with. You don’t want to paint a room and then have trouble finding the pieces which suit the budget and style to match.

Failing to Know the Trick in Terms of Multipurpose Rooms

Multipurpose homes are an option for those who have limited space. In order to come up with a well-designed multipurpose room, it is important to make it look well-planned. There should be designed areas for certain pieces like office supplies or fitness equipment to avoid disorganization. Clutter should be minimized in these areas.

Misplacing Window Treatments

Window treatments are important additions if your home has lots of windows. They can add color, texture and privacy. But it is important to be careful in deciding where to place them. For instance, you want to avoid hanging curtains to the floor near your floor registers so they former can be hanged as you want.

Failing to Use Proper Lighting

A room can only have maximum feeling and functionality where there is enough and proper lighting. Consider the color, quantity and the placement of the light. Make sure your lighting in layers can be adjusted for any mood you want.

Being Too Excited to Decorate

Home decorating doesn’t have to be completed at once. Rushing this job can bring more harm than good to your home. Your surroundings and needs will grow over time and you will have to match these with contemporary interior design.